Senior Portraits

We LOVE to shoot senior portraits.  Young adults ready to jump out into the world and conquer it with their bare hands – what could be better or more inspiring??

We love to capture that moment, that jumping-off point, and then give it to you to remember for all time.

So… what makes us different from other photographers?

  • We are fun and upbeat.  Too many people are SO grumpy these days.  We pride ourselves in being accessible and easy-to-get-along-with.
  • Instead of selling you packages that limit you to one or two shots (it’s such a pain for you to go through all of that time getting it down to a few good pictures), we give you ALL of the great shots on CD with a form allowing you unlimited reprint rights!  You can use the finished photos for anything you wish: Facebook, websites, make your own prints… ANYTHING!
  • Our packages are affordable!  We’re not out to rip you off or up-sell you.
Package Shoot Time Type Clothing Changes Cost
The Great 1 Hour Indoor OR Outdoor 2 $300
The Better 2 Hour Indoor AND Outdoor 3 to 4 $450
The Best 3 Hour Indoor AND Outdoor with optional green-screen shoot * 4 to 5 $600

Love sports?  Bring your equipment!

Love your pets?  Bring them along! (well behaved and house-broken please)


*For an additional $50 fee, we can do green-screen shoots so you can choose up to three digital backdrops.